Meditative Walking

Randy Shingler
1 min readAug 29, 2020
Rock Creek Shoals By Randy Shingler

Spiritual bliss, walking meditation,
Observing only what is present now
Absorbing unique scenes passing by,
Calming hurried extraneous thoughts
Concentration on nature’s presence.

Listening to creek’s rhythmic flows
Melodious sounds of rushing currents
Watching forceful power of its shoals,
Verdant trees nestled along its banks
Occasional squirrels scamper around.

See bounding deer buck on far bank
Sharp pointed antlers exude his pride
Behind him comes doe with two fawns,
Continuing my walk across wooden bridge
Rising high above rapid flowing creek.

Embracing nature’s own unique glory
Gratitude for its diverse primal facets
Soothing balm for weary human souls,
Spiritual bliss felt, meditative walking.



Randy Shingler

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