Image by Ryan Hogg from Pixabay

Poetic thoughts keep coming to me
Descriptive images beg expression
Nature’s beauty and how it unfolds,
Places I’ve been, what I’ve witnessed
Evoking scenery from what has passed.

Mountain peaks trying to reach the sky
Snowcapped, glistening in rising sun
Hiking along upper rims and ledges,
Trudging through new fallen snow
Feeling sun’s warmth upon my face.

Winding rivers around sharp bends
Coursing currents, ever faster flows
Rocky banks and treacherous shoals,
Watching boats precariously thrown
As I leisurely hike along rocky shore.

Feeling power of strong blowing winds
Gracefully bending trees, falling leaves
As autumn’s colors can be vividly seen,
And poetic thoughts keep coming to me.

Writer, Poet, Essayist, Meditator, Compassionate Being, Top writer in Poetry,History, and Diversity.

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